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Privacy Policy Protecting your privacy is very important to [WorldCom]. [WorldCom] will try its best to keep your personal information confidential. Make sure you understand and understand the "WorldCom Customer Privacy Policy", so that [WorldCom] can provide you with better services. Please take a moment to read the following terms to understand how [WorldCom] handles your personal data. 1. [WorldCom] Collecting user's personal data Under normal circumstances, users can access [WorldCom] on the Internet without telling [WorldCom] who the user is, and without providing any personal information about the user. However, [WorldCom] or [WorldCom] partners may sometimes require users to provide information. Users can choose to provide personal information that can be provided to [WorldCom] under various circumstances. For example, the user can provide [WorldCom] with content such as name, contact number or e-mail address according to the user's choice, so that [WorldCom] can contact the user and provide on-site services. Users can also describe the user’s education and work experience to [WorldCom] in order to become a partner of [WorldCom] and participate in the project of [WorldCom]. Before collecting information from users, [WorldCom] hopes to let users understand how [WorldCom] will use this information, and obtain user permission for the collection and use of this information. If the user provides personal information about others (such as spouse, relatives, friends or work colleagues) to [WorldCom], [WorldCom] will assume that the user has obtained their permission. 2. [WorldCom] Why collect users' personal data [WorldCom] collects and uses users’ personal data in order to provide users with the best customer service, so that users can more conveniently enjoy [WorldCom] services, and are very happy to accept users’ valuable comments and suggestions to [WorldCom] , So that [WorldCom] serves users more extensively. 3. [WorldCom] How to collect user's personal information [WorldCom] will only obtain the user's personal information from the customer message on the [WorldCom website]. Note that [WorldCom] will not solicit personal information from children or other people who are not responsible for their own behavior without the permission of the guardian, without knowing and not present, nor will it issue requests for personal information to them. 4. [WorldCom] How to use the user's personal information The personal data provided by the user for [WorldCom] will be used for the following purposes with the user's permission: a. For the use of [WorldCom] to meet user requests. b. Keep in touch with users in order to carry out customer satisfaction surveys, market research or certain matters. c. Keep users close to the latest promotions and announcements of [WorldCom] d. Used for anonymous data analysis such as customer number statistics. e. Help develop the business relationship of [WorldCom] (if the user is a partner or business partner of [WorldCom]). f. For [WorldCom] or appropriate agencies for marketing purposes. 5. [WorldCom] How to protect users' personal data When [WorldCom] collects data from users, it will clearly and comprehensively introduce to users the future use of these data. Users can provide [WorldCom] with all or part of the information [WorldCom] wants to collect according to their personal wishes. At the same time, users also have the right to tell [WorldCom] which purposes they want certain materials to be used for or which purposes not to use certain materials. [WorldCom] will respect the wishes of users. To ensure the safety and quality of the data you provide to [WorldCom] in physical, electronic, etc. methods. Note that some countries, regions or organizations may not have issued strict laws and regulations to protect users' information. In these regions or organizations, [WorldCom] will still process user data in the manner described in this clause. Note that users are expected to be clear that in some cases, the information required by law to be disclosed may require disclosure of personal information in accordance with judicial or other government summons, search warrants or orders. 6. How users supervise the use of personal information Under normal circumstances, when [WorldCom] collects users' personal information, it will ask you for permission to use users' personal information. If the user has a request, [WorldCom] can also ask the user for permission before each use. Users can also actively learn about the usage of these materials by users through various channels such as newspapers and the Internet. If it is found that the user's personal information has been used without the user's authorization, the user can contact [WorldCom] via telephone or the Internet, and jointly investigate the source of the problem and take protective measures to ensure the safety of the user's personal privacy. 7. [WorldCom] How to use Cookies [WorldCom website] uses Cookies technology to enhance and simplify user experience. After the user registers on the [WorldCom website] and uses the services of [WorldCom], the user already knows and agrees to our terms of use. [WorldCom] Use authentication cookies to identify the user's login status and user identity. 【WorldCom】Encrypted security measures are also used in Cookies to ensure that user information is not illegally stolen and used by third parties 8. Protection of minors [WorldCom] attaches great importance to the protection of personal data of minors. If the user is a minor, it is recommended that the user ask the user’s guardian to read this privacy policy carefully, and use [WorldCom]’s with the consent of the user’s guardian Services or provide information to 【WorldCom】. 9. Amendment of Privacy Policy [WorldCom] reserves the right to modify the privacy policy at any time. 10. Complaints about privacy policy If users have any questions about the privacy policy, please contact [WorldCom]
*The company reserves the right of final interpretation and modification
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